Because patient care matters.

Reporting is about numbers. Patients are not. PROFOX provides accurate and easy-to-read reporting tools so that you can focus on what matters most.

Who we are

PROFOX Associates, Inc. started in 1986 as a partnership between medical professionals who desired to see improvements in reporting and analysis for pulse oximetry testing. The result was the initial “PROFOX” program, which ran on Apple II and IBM/pc computers and recorded oxygen saturation data from most of the oximeters on the market at the time. It was beta-tested at Scripps Clinic at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California, USA in 1986 before its first official release in 1987.

Since then, PROFOX has proven to be "golden standard" for oximetry test reporting and analysis. The PROFOX software products now support over 100 different pulse oximeters and capnographs, making it the most widely used pulse oximetry reporting software in the industry. It's no wonder that so many medical professionals still prefer the copyrighted PROFOX Reports over other reporting alternatives.

In addition to providing reporting software for pulse oximeters and capnographs, PROFOX also provides customized software and technology solutions. Whether you need one of our existing software products modified for a particular need, or you are a manufacturer of a new medical device looking for an experienced and quality-first engineering team to help bring your device to market, we are here to help.